Saanvi Dsouza’s teeth weren’t the problem, her gums were. As and when she smiled, her upper lip stretched out so high that a band of pinkish gum was exposed that gave her a “gummy-smile” with which she was very upset. This made her look at various options for getting treated for the issue. She landed on our SMILE ASSESSMENT PAGE of FMS DENTAL, wherein our department of Periodontology and Cosmetic Dentistry in unison gave her the aesthetic smile that she deserves.

Ms. Saanvi was treated for lip repositioning and was bearing an aesthetic smile after the procedure. “I am very happy with the outcome of the treatment and the professional care I was offered at FMS Dental” said Ms. Saanvi after the treatment.

A smile with the perfect show of pearly whites and no pink gingiva is considered a beauty hallmark. Gummy smile results due to various reasons, most commonly a short upper lip, short teeth etc. Gummy smile can have a negative effect on the aesthetics of your smile. Gummy smile can be corrected through various treatment options.

In cases of shorter teeth, removal of excessive gum tissue in order to lengthen the tooth size is the periodontal treatment option. Advanced LASERs are used to re-contour the gum around the teeth. Lip re-positioning procedure is a cosmetic procedure that reduces the travel of the lip, so that the gum does not show excessively when you smile. This involves a simple procedure of severing (cutting) the muscles that elevate the lip and allow it to assume a lower position over the gums and keep closer to the teeth when you smile.

Orthodontic treatment involves intruding over-erupted teeth and leveling them to their anatomical position. Orthognathic surgery is also a treatment option in cases where aesthetic smile cannot be restored by any of the above three procedures.

Remember, gummy smile is always not awkward, it goes well in many. Gummy smile is a perception and has to be treated only when it interferes with your self-confidence.

Your Smile is a wonderful expression and we give you a reason to unveil it!


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