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FMS Smart Aligners are a hassle-free solution to move your teeth and transform your smile unnoticed. These clear aligners are a series of 3D printed, tight-fitting removable oral trays made of a clear plastic material that are custom made and are designed to gradually move teeth into the desired position.

How FMS Smart Aligners work? FMS Smart Aligners are a series of clear aligners that apply gentle pressure to your teeth to move them until they gradually adjust to the desired position. The movement is designed by our team of Orthodontists who plan each step of the treatment, so you can achieve your perfect smile. Our aligners are 3D-printed using state-of-the-art technology and custom-made to exactly fit tightly around the contour of your teeth and gums, making them practically invisible.

To know if you’re a candidate for FMS Smart aligners, simply visit our clinic to get consulted by our senior Orthodontists. Our Orthodontists will carefully review your case to make sure that our aligners are right for you. FMS Smart aligners are made of thin and transparent plastic so that they are invisible to people standing at a regular speaking distance to you.

FMS Smart Aligners are planned by the best Orthodontist in Hyderabad and you would be given a detailed explanation on how FMS Smart Aligners work for you during the consultation. Book an appointment now!


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