Best Zirconium Crown Clinic in Kochi Kerala

Best Zirconium Crown Clinic in Kochi Kerala
Crowns reinforce the structure of the tooth, improve the tooth’s function and aesthetics and are used to cover teeth after a root canal treatment. Crowns for teeth are usually made from different materials. While most of the crowns today are ceramics crowns, the ceramic can be layered over zirconia (All ceramic) or fused with metal ( metal ceramic). Zirconia crown is the most preferred material for crowns as they provide great results, making your teeth and smile more appealing. Zirconia crown is metal free and is much more durable, have high strength and aesthetics compared to the conventional metal ceramic crowns.

Benefits of zirconia crown

HIGH STRENGTH- Zirconia crown is the strongest dental crowns. Even the layered zirconia crown is much stronger than the metal ceramic crown making them the material of choice for crowns on back teeth
TRANSLUCENT WITH SUPERIOR AESTHETICS AND PERFECT SHADE MATCH WITH ADJACENT TOOTH- Different types of zirconia crowns are available based on the tooth that requires crown. High translucent zirconia is the preferred type of zirconia crown for front teeth as it looks the most natural.
NO METAL MARGIN EXPOSURE AND GENTLE TO THE GUMS- Crowns usually are fitted at or slightly below the gum margin. With ageing and gum recession, the margin of metal ceramic crown is usually seen as a dark grey line. With a zirconia crown, the margin is also white maintaining the aesthetics Ben with gum recession.

COMPLETELY BIOCOMPATIBLE- there is no known allergy reported to zirconia crown whereas some metals used in metal ceramic crowns are known to cause allergies especially in patients with a history of metal allergies

At FMS Dental Hospital Cochin, we provide superior quality CAD/CAM Zirconia crown. We are equipped with high quality in-house CAD designing and milling unit. CAD/CAMs give a micron level accuracy in the fit of the dental prosthesis. This provides crown with better fit, thus avoiding revisits to the clinic once the treatment is over.Having an in house lab also gives us the biggest advantage of customising the prosthesis according to patient needs, giving them an instant solution.

Any crown fitting require 2 appointments with an interval of 2-4 days depending on the number of teeth. In the first visit, the tooth is shaped or prepared and measurement is made for the CAD scanning followed by designing and milling of zirconia in our lab. In second visit, the crown will be fixed permanently. Sometimes for front teeth or in case of multiple teeth replacement, a fit check and /or shade check appointment will be required in order to get perfect results.

Most Zirconia crowns will last for 15-20 years without any problems. The longevity of the crown is primarily dependent on the oral hygiene maintenance and how meticulousness with which the dental care instructions are followed by the patients.

Best Dental Clinic in Kochi Kerala

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