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Child dentistry or Paediatric is branch of dentistry which deals with patients from infancy to adolescence. At FMS dental, our highly trained senior specialists focus on preventive care of oral hygiene which helps in habit formation to maintain and prioritize dental health at young age. We care in creating a stress free environment where your child can adapt to different treatment modals, initially emphasizing on prophylactic measures then eventually moving on to invasive care.

There is a common misconception as to why children require early dental visits, especially when they don’t have any prevailing complications such as multiple dental caries. A paedodontist can diagnose birth abnormalities at an early stage which might seem normal to untrained eyes. Having caught at such stage can not only prevent future complications but also prevent them completely. Our doctors specialise in monitoring growth patterns and teeth placement in primary bone which has overall effect on healthy grown of an infant.

Oral Habits are one of those areas which require special attention at primary phase. Even though some of these habits are considered normal, they are acceptable only till a specific time frame. Such habits include, non-nutritive sucking, mouth breathing, lip or nail biting, etc. Presence of such practice is an important indicator of a hurdle child’s behavioural development.

Baby teeth also play a very important role in holistic development of your child. As the jaw bone develops, primary teeth help to maintain the space for secondary teeth. If lost early, they might cause collapse of their entire permanent dentition leading maligned crowded teeth and disrupted bite. Failure of timely treatment as a major affect child’s nutrition due to inability to masticate efficiently. Inadequate nourishment to a developing body at the right time could lead to deficiencies and defects in other parts of child’s physique

Kids Dentist In Kochi Kerala

Different treatments available for children are as follows:

1. Fluoride applications, fillings and pulp therapies : Preventive measures undertaken to avert dental caries or retard on the teeth which are already infected
2. Habit breaking appliances and space maintainers: For rectifying sustained oral habits and preventing gap closure for permanent teeth to erupt.
3. Oral prophylactic treatments : Cleaning of teeth and education in proper brushing habits and techniques
4. Early Orthodontic Assessment: Opinion for specialists for future correction of dentition
5. Conscious sedation: For children suffering from dental anxiety and extreme disruptive behaviour


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