Quick Dental Remedies

Quick Dental Remedies - FMS DENTAL HOSPITAL

QUICK DENTAL REMEDIES Medical emergency can occur to anyone at any time. To report for a medical emergency we have hospitals open 24 hours. But when it comes to dental emergency, people find it difficult to locate the dentist especially during nights. Dental emergencies aren’t like any other types of emergencies because they require special […]

Hidden consequences of missing teeth!


HIDDEN CONSEQUENCES OF MISSING TEETH! We all know how important our teeth are. We have grown up listening to our parents advice to brush our teeth, don’t eat chocolates or else you will end up looking like grandpa soon, etc,. We are horrified even to imagine ourselves without teeth. Even as a child when we lose […]

TMD Clinic in Hyderabad India


TMD CLINIC IN HYDERABAD INDIA T – SCAN: Demystifying traditional occlusal indicator methods   “Because it’s hard to judge the ‘blue spots’ dynamically, the T-Scan adds a significantly higher level of precision to diagnosis and occlusal adjustment. It complements all philosophies for treating occlusal disharmony and, like other digital recordings, allows tracking over time.” The three most […]