Do you need an Occlusal Splint ?


Temporomandibular disorder (TMD) has many similarities to musculoskeletal disorders of other parts of the body, and therapeutic approaches for other musculoskeletal disorders generally apply to this disorder as well. Most commonly used medications for TMD problems include pain killers, muscle relaxants, which merely subside the symptoms. Reduction of the symptoms mostly is understood as recovery from the problem, but it is just the postponement of […]

TMD Clinic in Hyderabad India


TMD CLINIC IN HYDERABAD INDIA T – SCAN: Demystifying traditional occlusal indicator methods   “Because it’s hard to judge the ‘blue spots’ dynamically, the T-Scan adds a significantly higher level of precision to diagnosis and occlusal adjustment. It complements all philosophies for treating occlusal disharmony and, like other digital recordings, allows tracking over time.” The three most […]