Floating Dentures? ….All-on-4 Dental Implants could be the saviour!

floating dentures 4 dental implants

FLOATING DENTURES? ….ALL-ON-4 DENTAL IMPLANTS COULD BE THE SAVIOUR! While Mrs Vijaya was sitting in the waiting room of FMS INTERNATIONAL DENTAL CENTER, JUBILEE HILLS, for her 3rd week follow-up after undergoing the All-on-4 procedure, a new patient sitting next to her couldn’t believe that she’d already got the treatment done. “It feels natural and looks […]



TILTED VS STRAIGHT DENTAL IMPLANTS One question that has been repeatedly asked every day by our patients is “How many implants do you want to place in my edentulous jaw to replace the missing teeth; isn’t just 4 enough?” To answer this, we need a clinical examination and a CBCT scan to assess the available bone. […]