Who is specialized in restoration
and rehabilitation of missing teeth

A prosthodontist is a dentist who is specialized in restoration and rehabilitation of missing teeth and oral structures including the underlying bone to ensure normalcy in aesthetics, comfort and oral function. Prosthodontists are trained for three years as part of the post-graduate program to receive advanced training in procedures like teeth replacement with dentures and bridges, dental crowns, jaw joint disorders and cosmetic services etc.

The conditions that can be managed by Prosthodontist include:

A Prosthodontist is keenly involved in the replacement of lost or damaged tooth or teeth with prosthetic substitutes like dentures, crowns, implants etc. and to regain any loss of function with regard to loss of teeth and associated structures. Also a Prosthodontist addresses cosmetic issues to help patients reclaim an aesthetic and healthy smile.

Designing Iconic Smiles
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While seeking the best care for your smile and a comprehensive oral health, knowing your options for treatment can make all the difference. Whether you have lost a single tooth or multiple teeth, living with tooth loss leads to amassing consequences; from changes in the way you chew, speak, and look to diminished self-confidence. To accomplish the oral and smile changes you are looking for by replacing your teeth with effective and permanent options, get consulted with senior most Prosthodontists at FMS Dental.

Why FMS?

The prosthodontists at FMS Dental are highly skilled who have had received extensive education and advanced training in restorative and replacement techniques with a better understanding of complexity of oral structures. The Prosthodontists at FMS Dental have more than 15 years of experience in all aspects of prosthodontic treatments from removable & fixed dentures and crowns to cosmetic appeal and permanent teeth replacement with dental implants.

Our prosthodontists will guide you on the type of dentures that best suit your need. FMS DENTAL hosts an in-house CAD CAM lab equipped with advances in dental materials and dental technology to fabricate dentures and crowns that give a perfect fit and last a long time. Our overall treatment renders you regain the lost functionality of your oral structures, aesthetics and improves your oral health with enhanced comfort.

The Prosthodontists at FMS Dental are known for
quality and speedy fabrication
of prostheses including,


Removable partial dentures

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confront the prosthodontist
Fixed partial
complete dentures
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confront the prosthodontist
supported dentures

Single tooth and multiple teeth implant supported crowns

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Full mouth rehabilitations with dental implants

in a day
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Maxillofacial Prosthetics

Patients who have suffered a severe trauma or born with a maxilla-facial defects can be treated at FMS DENTAL with maxillofacial prostheses.  Intra oral Prostheses are often needed to replace missing areas of bone or tissue and restore oral functions such as swallowing, speech, and chewing. Prostheses for face are often indicated for cosmetic and psychosocial reasons. Maxillofacial prosthesis include replacement of eye, ear, palate, teeth, etc. which can highly improve patient’s quality of life. Maxillofacial prosthodontics require an integrated approach from different specialities like oral surgeons, neurologists, oncologists, ENT specialists and other professionals.