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Who is specialized
in restoration and rehabilitation
of missing teeth

A prosthodontist is a dentist

Who is specialized in restoration and rehabilitation of missing teeth and oral structures including the underlying bone to ensure normalcy in aesthetics, comfort and oral function. Prosthodontists are trained for three years as part of the post-graduate program to receive advanced training in procedures like teeth replacement with dentures and bridges, dental crowns, jaw joint disorders and cosmetic services etc.


The conditions that can be managed by Prosthodontist include:

A Prosthodontist is keenly involved in the replacement of lost or damaged tooth or teeth with prosthetic substitutes like dentures, crowns, implants etc. and to regain any loss of function with regard to loss of teeth and associated structures. Also a Prosthodontist addresses cosmetic issues to help patients reclaim an aesthetic and healthy smile.

No matter what your circumstances are, we have a
Perfect Solution for You!

While seeking the best care for your smile and a comprehensive oral health, knowing your options for treatment can make all the difference. Whether you have lost a single tooth or multiple teeth, living with tooth loss leads to amassing consequences; from changes in the way you chew, speak, and look to diminished self-confidence. To accomplish the oral and smile changes you are looking for by replacing your teeth with effective and permanent options, get consulted with senior most Prosthodontists at FMS Dental.


Why FMS?

The prosthodontists at FMS Dental are highly skilled who have had received extensive education and advanced training in restorative and replacement techniques with a better understanding of complexity of oral structures. The Prosthodontists at FMS Dental have more than 15 years of experience in all aspects of prosthodontic treatments from removable & fixed dentures and crowns to cosmetic appeal and permanent teeth replacement with dental implants. Our prosthodontists will guide you on the type of dentures that best suit your need. FMS DENTAL hosts an in-house CAD CAM lab equipped with advances in dental materials and dental technology to fabricate dentures and crowns that give a perfect fit and last a long time. Our overall treatment renders you regain the lost functionality of your oral structures, aesthetics and improves your oral health with enhanced comfort.

The Prosthodontists along with In-House Dental Lab at FMS Dental are known for quality and customized speedy fabrication of prostheses.

Solution. Design. Support

FMS being one of the few corporate dental set ups having an In-house Dental Lab, with a myriad of available equipment’s, provides us an array of material options for prosthetic rehabilitation. We are among the few in the country to have some of the best CAD-CAM systems, that provides us various digital dental solutions and concepts. Having an in house lab also gives us the biggest advantage of choosing the right High-Quality Restoration for our Practice with customized prosthesis for our patients and instant solutions.


Treatment Solutions

All Ceramic Crown & Bridge (Metal Free)

Zirconia : Both Zirconia and PFM offer lifelike results and can be used to craft custom dental crowns, bridges. However, we provide superior quality CAD-CAM Zirconia crown. Zirconia crown is metal-free and is much more durable, have unparalleled strength, durability and aesthetics, making the preferred choice among dental crowns. Some of the Zirconia crown can come with a 5- 20 years warranty. Images : Zirconia Bridge, Sirona CAD-CAM

IPS e.max : IPS e.max® is an advanced Pressed or Milled ceramic with even greater strength. This next generation ceramic is formulated from Lithium Disilicate crystals, and can be used to create limited bridgework with moderate to heavy connectors. The lithium disilicate porcelain is pressed or milled in our In-House lab as Full contour restoration (Monolithic) or cut back and layered with porcelain. Images : Monolithic emax crown, Ivoclar Press Furance, 3Shape Scanner


Porcelain fused to Metal Crowns and Bridges (PFM)
PFM- Porcelain fused to metal, is the conventional technique of making crowns and bridges and maybe the most widely practiced technique in the world. At FMS’s Dental Lab we use 3D printing technology to produce Wax and High Casting Machines to convert wax in to Metal and also use one of the highest quality ceramic system- IPS Style. This fluorapatite glass ceramic is known for its impressive strength and desirable esthetics. The ceramic powder is layered over metal frameworks (Chrome Cobalt) and fired in ceramic furnaces (Programat P310, Ivoclar). Prostheses made using this method can be easily designed to fit any type of preparation. Images : 3d Printed wax, LukaCast Machine.

Full Mouth Rehab

We often see patients with extensive damage to their teeth and gums. Rather than performing separate treatments to restore their smiles, we can combine several procedures into one comprehensive treatment plan. This helps to address multiple issues saving patient time and money.

When you visit our FMS Dental Hospitals for your initial consultation, the doctor will perform a thorough evaluation of your teeth, gums and supporting tissues and help you determine which procedures will benefit you the most to restore function, aesthetics, confidence and comfort. Customizing your treatment with In-House Lab can achieve truly comprehensive results. As part of your individually tailored treatment plan, you can combine many different cosmetic and restorative procedures: