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A Comprehensive Smile Destination

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A Comprehensive Smile Destination

It’s the attention to the little details that make for a beautiful smile; and we at FMS know that it’s a lot more than good alignment of teeth and proper function. That is, it’s not just biting and chewing . We call it “Microesthetics.”
And we truly understand what it takes to be an ICON, when you come to us.
Our team of Orthodontic experts are a part of FMS’s larger SmileDESIGN Team; experts from areas involving not only teeth and smiles but total facial transformations. A team that works together at the virtual smile design studio to transform you, by creating that iconic smile.

So be it orthodontic treatment with conventional braces, our in-house FMS Smart aligners or clear braces, DAMON, INVISALIGN, 3D planned INCOGNITO and INSIGNIA custom manufactured orthodontic brackets and wires…our aim is to create that iconic smile by providing total and complete Individual Customizations for your orthodontic needs. Or in short, ICON. Introducing FMS ICON Range of Orthodontics Services delivering totally customized orthodontic solution for all age groups.

What is unique about Orthodontic
Treatment at FMS?


"Choossing Life in Style"

Introducing FMS OrthoLIFE... orthodontic braces & aligners that suit your lifestyle. You don’t need to change your life because of braces... 'esthetic solutions that are effective and discreet'.

Ortho life
Have you always wanted to have that perfect smile...and stopped because you couldn’t bear to be seen with that metallic smile at your work place or in social circles.
You don’t have to worry anymore....FMS OrthoLIFE is all about complete orthodontic customisations that address these concerns; it’s all about individual needs.

“In fact, most often simple alignment of one or two teeth corrected through invisible braces or aligners results in remarkable facial and smile transformations.
Not all problems require complex orthodontic managements or extractions for that amazing smile transformation...!!


Orthodontics for

A common misunderstanding is that braces are started only at 12 years. The truth is orthodontic interventions begin as early as 6 years of age to utilise the natural growth and developmental processes of the jaws and teeth; because we know that when instituted early these simple procedures can even help in preventing the need for complex orthodontic procedures and braces at a later age. From the simple habit breaking appliances to the fine tuned growth modulation appliances, our list of services for the growing child is a lot more than just metal braces.

Orthodontics for

Braces and Orthodontic treatment is available for all ages; that is there is no age limit for having perfect teeth. For Adults in the age group of 18 – 60 we offer a whole range of orthodontic services including clear braces and aligners but truth is that our list is more than that. From Cosmetic makesovers that improve your smile to Cosmetic Facial improvents aided by the latest in science and technology; Sleep aids and anti-snoring devices, our list is BIG or (Adult Size)!

Metal Braces

The traditional way of correcting faulty tooth positions has always involved the placement of medical grade stainless steel attachments called fixed braces. These metallic fixtures glued on the teeth has seen a dramatic evolution in their design to not only secure attachments independently for maximum patient comfort like the DAMON ® System; but are now completely customisable for the individual patient using 3D imaging and manufacturing technology.

Invisible Braces

Understanding your need to be discreet FMS OrthoLIFE Orthodontic Center a wide array of appliances to cater to your needs. From clear ceramic braces to our very own in-house FMS SmartALIGN the list is clear and invisible just like you’d like them to be.


Tooth movement with orthodontic appliances be they fixed braces or aligners occurs through bone remodelling as the teeth are moved into their ideal positions. Modern day tools and technology have permitted an acceleration of this biological phenomenon; allowing teeth to shift into their ideal positions at a faster rate; thereby reducing orthodontic treatment time.

Cosmetic Facial

When growth of the Facial region is not proportionate orthodontic treatment is carried out along with movements of the facial skeletal through precise 3-Dimensional surgical management.We call this very exclusive division of ours, the FMS TransFORM team; as specialists and experts from related fields involved work together to bring about that amazing transformation.



When should I see an Orthodontist?

When you have malalignment

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When you have proclinced teeth

When you
proclinced teeth

When you have irregular teeth

When you
irregular teeth

When your bite is not proper

When your
bite is
not proper

When your face is asymmetrical

When your
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When your smile is not aesthetic

When your
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not attractive


Do braces hurt?

No, braces do not hurt. Braces treatment is painless and more comfortable than ever with the latest advancements in the orthodontic procedures. You may feel mild discomfort or soreness initially which may last for a few days up to a week.


At what age can I opt for braces?

Braces treatment need not start after 13 years, but can be started much earlier from 7 years of age onwards. During the child’s early growth phase, many developmental disorders, malocclusion and abnormal jaw growth if any can be identified and thus early intervention by an orthodontist can prevent the malocclusion to enhance.


How long does it take for braces treatment to complete?

Braces treatment takes about 12 - 24 months to align your teeth in to their desired position. Sometimes appropriate results can also be achieved in a minimal time frame of up to 6 months by using accelerated orthodontic procedures depending on the patient’s requirement. Definitely braces are not one-size-fits-all solution as each patient's jaw and teeth are unique; a consultation with our orthodontist will give you an accurate picture of your treatment duration.


What is the cost of braces?

That’s an interesting and important question! Braces cost depends on the type of braces you choose and the longevity of the treatment that is required in your case. Diagnosis by an Orthodontist is key in planning your orthodontic treatment; sooner you visit an orthodontist at least by 7 years of age, lesser will be the costs involved. Approximately orthodontic treatment cost can be as low as 20-30 thousands or up to 4 times depending on the longevity and the types of braces treatment.

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