FMS Dental takes pride in promoting health and wellness through holistic approach by not only treating dental problems and designing your smile but also preserving the integrity of your body as a whole through early detection of any abnormal activity of cells inside the mouth. Oral cancer screening once in every six months is very important.


As a step towards the realization of this holistic approach, a unique and innovative fluorescent screening device called Vizilite PRO, is used during every routine oral examination to rule out any abnormalities that can progress to life-threatening conditions like oral cancer in future. Besides, it comes as a huge sigh of relief for those who fear invasive procedures like biopsy as it is a quick, painless and totally non-invasive.

Reversible When Caught Early

  • One must understand that oral cancer is the disease in which there are uncontrolled cell divisions of the tissue involved, resulting in destruction of the normal tissues in its vicinity.
  • Generally, oral cancer is preceded by few precancerous lesions that appear in the form of white or red patches inside the mouth.
  • When diagnosed in this early stage, oral cancer can be treated successfully.
  • But, every white/red patch is NOT
  • This is why, fluorescent screening is vital as it reveals ONLY suspicious discolorations, sores or swellings and can be used as adjunct to detect the presence of altered tissues in the mouth


  • The ViziLite PRO is the device used for fluorescent screening at FMS International Dental Center, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.
  • This examination is a simple and painless process and it just adds about few minutes to the conventional dental examination.
  • The principle of this aid is to detect abnormal activity of the cells of the mouth by directing a fluorescent light.
  • Once the clinician activates the ViziLite PRO device, five shortwave, violet-output LEDs generate biofluorescence and enhance the visualization.

The suspicious tissue revealed needs immediate attention and is considered for microscopic examination through biopsy. Biopsy is the definitive method of examining the tissues and detecting the cancer cells.

Oral Cancer Screening

Vizilite PRO screening test can be likened to the famous saying- “A Stitch in Time Saves Nine”. According to the American Dental association (ADA), Oral cancer screening should be done once in every six months. Our Team FMS encourages and motivates the patients to lead a healthy lifestyle by abstaining from deleterious habits and introducing necessary dietary modifications.