These are clinically proven metal free ceramics which are highly bio-compatible aesthetic 


IPS e.max System



Sirona - InLab



Nobel Biocare - Procera


All Ceramic (metal free zirconium crown)

Metal free ceramic restorations, as the name suggests, do not have a metal framework. These are extremely strong ceramic materials with excellent optical properties. Patients now have a selection from Zirconium Oxide, Aluminium Oxide to Lithium Disilicate. These are clinically proven metal free ceramics which are highly bio-compatible aesthetic and can be used to fabricate restorations that appear life like.

  • Cosmetic Beauty

All-porcelain crowns are translucent and smooth, matching the size, color and shade of your original teeth. This makes it difficult to notice that a damaged tooth is being hidden and protected.  All-porcelain crowns are a perfect choice for the front teeth restoration.

  • No Dark Line

Unlike porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns (PFM), all-porcelain crowns don’t have a problem of a dark line as they all made of white porcelain that perfectly imitates your natural tooth enamel. When porcelain fused to metal is used for a crown, a receding gumline can show some of the dark metal, but an all-ceramic crown will not display such a line.

  • Non-allergic

All-porcelain crowns are made of biocompatible material, so there is no risk of allergic reactions and gum irritation.

  • Single visit Options

Unlike other traditional techniques which require minimum two dental visits and some turn-around time between the procedures, all-porcelain crowns can be done in one appointment. Our in house lab is equipped with technology that can deliver your crown within 24hrs.


All ceramic system offered: 

IPS e.max System

Nobel Biocare – Procera

Sirona – InLab MC XL

IPS e.max® System

A family of products and a variety of processing techniques, e.max is really a complete ceramic system designed to provide esthetic, metal free solutions for most indications. This system is considered to be the most aesthetic ceramic system till date in the market.

Depending on the case requirements, two types of  materials are available for CAD/CAM techniques: the innovative IPS e.max CAD glass-ceramic blocks  (Lithium disilicate)and the high-strength zirconium  oxide IPS e.max ZirCAD.       IPS e.max can be pressed or milled using Enhanced Procera 2G software and the Sirona inLab® MC XL milling machine.

Patients are becoming more aware of newer technologies and treatment modalities, and are increasingly requesting metal-free digital restorations

At V dent Arts, we have some of the best CAD-CAM systems, Procera forte and Procera 2G being among them.

These CAD-CAM systems are providers of the most comprehensive and flexible crown, bridge and implant solutions in the world.

Nobel Biocare – Procera and 2G

Sirona – InLab MC XL

All-ceramic restorations fabricated on Sirona’s CAD/CAM systems have proved themselves millions of times in clinical practice.

The Sirona Best Quality Label guarantees optimum results – in the interests of our patients. The USP of Sirona is that we can customize the restorations to our patients needs within 24 hours. Patients have variety of material options for their prosthesis.