Dental Treatment Amid Covid-19


Mask Or Respirator

Goggles Or Face Shield


Corona virus was characterized as a pandemic by the WHO on 11, March 2020 after the infection has spread to more than 200 nations and domains over the globe. Ever since its emergence, Covid-19 has become a public health crisis globally.

Medical experts say, “We should learn to live with the virus.”

Dental professionals may encounter patients with suspected or confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection in their practice. So it is the responsibility of health care professionals to follow universal precautions while providing care and at the same time prevent the transmission of infection to susceptible patients.

As the disease is known to spread predominantly through respiratory droplets or in contact with the inanimate objects on which the virus can survive for several hours to days,we at FMS maintain high standards of care and infection control in our practice while promoting the health and well-being of our patients during these challenging times. We follow globalmeasures to mitigate the spread of this virus.

As health care providers we keep ourselves updated with the current pandemic and implementing protocols like patient screening, infection control strategies as per the guidelines of Centre for diseases control and prevention. Our staff is provided with adequate training to promote many levels of screening and preventive measures while delivering dental treatment to the patients.

The norm has changed where you can book an appointment over telephone or walk in directly and get treated for all your dental concerns. We have nownew set of protocols for the safety of both patients and doctors, which render our patients to seek and our doctors to provide dental care with utmost safety.

Keeping in mind the outbreak of corona virus pandemic, we have limited the number of appointments in a day and are performing only emergency treatments until next three months.  We are currently providing emergency dental services at our International Dental Centre, Jubilee Hills. We will walk you through the steps as to how to approach us for your dental issues and walk out uninfected.

  • Give a call on the number available on our website and you will be asked for your primary details including Covid-19 history.
  • If the patient is not able to visit us due to travel restrictions during lockdown, our dentist would prescribe medication or we can arrange a video consultation with our dental specialist as per your convenience.
  • If the patient can travel to our clinic, we will schedule the appointment accordingly. Upon patient’s arrival at the clinic, he/she needs to fill in a detailed questionnaire.

(The most pertinent questions for initial screening include any exposure to a person with known or suspected COVID-19 presentation, any recent travel history to an area with high incidence of COVID-19 or presence of any symptoms such as fever or cough.  We are also updated with live tracking of reported cases and high risk areas to identify possible Covid-19 patients.)

  • The dentist would measure patient’s body temperature by using a non-contact forehead infra-red thermometer.
  • If the patient is identified with febrile respiratory illness such as cough or fever, or positive response to either of the questions regarding Covid history, dental treatment is deferred for at least two weeks andsuch patients are pharmacologically managed for dental problems like tooth pain, swelling etc. This provides symptomatic relief for their dental issues. They are asked to contact Covid-19 helpline number immediately.
  • If the patient is not likely to be suspected Covid-19, he/she is requested to wear a disposable PPE kit which includes mask, gown, gloves and shoe covers and sent for the consultation.
  • We are following standard contact and airborne precautions like using PPE (personal protective equipment) kit and strict hand hygiene practices. We are using disposable (single-use) devices for diagnosis and treatment, cling wrap dental unit and double barrieredsensors for radiographic examinations. Our doctors and staff are also provided with disposable PPE kit for each case to prevent cross contamination.We are also minimizing the use of ultrasonic instruments, high-speed hand pieces, and 3-way syringes to reduce the risk of generating contaminated aerosols.

After the consultation or treatment, we ensure to disinfect the inanimate surfaces using chemicals and methods recently approved for Covid-19 and maintain a dry environment to curb the spread of corona virus.