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Pediatric dentist

There is nothing more beautiful than a child’s smile by a pediatric dentist.

This beautiful smile needs your help. The parent’s role in taking care of their child’s teeth is highly important.Good oral health practices should begin at home, when the child is about 12 months and continued throughout adult life. As a parent, you are the most important role model your child can have, for learning healthy practices.

Who is a pediatric dentist?

Pediatric dentists are the pediatricians of dentistry. They are specially trained for children’s unique dental health needs.

A pediatric dentist is one who deals with all kinds of dental problems for children and are highly trained to manage and treat children, by creating a friendly environment suitable for the child.

To help a child stay totally healthy, the pediatric dentist often works with pediatricians, other physicians and other dental specialists. All children, whether healthy, chronically ill, disabled, or mentally impaired are served best through this team approach. This specialty is becoming even more important as a result of technical advances in medicine and dentistry and the increased populations of children with chronic diseases and congenital problems